3 Golden Rules You Must Follow For Muscle Gain

 Are you satisfied with the progress are making with your workout routine? When you do cardiovascular exercises a couple of times in a week, have you noticed some weight-loss? Generally, people get confused after doing cardiovascular exercises. They think that they are losing body muscles, but on the contrary, cardiovascular exercises strengthen your heart and tone your body. This is the reason why after doing much of cardio exercises; you see a check on the added bulk. You need a prescription to order certain supplements.

If you are going through the same situation, then do not lose heart, you can still improve your muscles in a comparatively lesser time. You can achieve good level of muscle mass within a couple of weeks. You just need to find out the mistakes you are making. If you are working out seriously, but even then you are not increasing the size. It clearly signifies that you are neglecting something and not following your workout routine in a proper way.

Rule number one

When you are sincerely putting your efforts to increase muscle mass, remember that there is a difference between body weight and lean muscle mass. If you will eat right food with proper workout routine, it will increase the muscle mass. Feed your muscles properly so that they can grow bigger. Eating for bodyweight does not mean that you can eat anything you wish to eat. Consuming unhealthy calories will increase the fat stores in your body. This is an unhealthy way of increasing body weight. All the stored fat will go and contribute in your sagging bottom-line. Consume healthy calories, but do not create a calorie deficit. It is not a healthy way to take your body on the verge of a starvation in order to get lean muscle mass. It is not advised even when you are working out to lose weight. Consume good quality protein and this will enhance the muscle production in your body. Do not skip your meals and ensure to take five servings of quality protein in a day.You need a prescription to order some supplements, you can ask your seller about it.

Rule number two

Do not think to achieve faster results in bodybuilding. You cannot get bigger overnight. When you do exercise, your muscle tissues are broken and body rebuilds it when you take right food with proper rest. When you are working out to target the specific muscle group, while lifting the weights you can count to 3 and while lowering count to 5. Doing it slowly will make you control your weights and this will make the flow proper. Your body muscles will get good amount of oxygen and you will see noticeable results within a couple of weeks.

Rule number three write down your routine

It happens that you cannot remember what you have consumed in a day and what exercises you have performed. When you maintain your food dairy and workout diary, you can find out your faults if you do not get desired results. It is obvious that you are following your workout routine with the right amount of dedication, but if afterworking out for weeks; you do not get any results. In this case, you can to re-design your workout plan with the help of dairy.