10 Tips of Dealing with Rejection

Rejection can come from any field of life. While people talk mostly about broad measures in life, a little bit of rejection we face each and every day. For example while the biggest forms of rejection are considered to be the rejection in love and the rejection in job, there are small incidences that occur in day to day life such as getting rejected at movie hall for balcony seats being already full, getting rejected to enter your class for being late, getting rejected to take leave by your boss, getting rejected by your own child for not giving in to his or her demands. Rejections are omnipresent. We live day by day in a community of people where we are always trying to gel with our fellow beings by gaining their consent. So, when consent comes in the picture then rejection is just like the inevitable another side of the coin.

Therefore, we need to learn how to deal with rejection that we face in life every now and then. Most of us are good at collecting ourselves after every small rejection and continue to live the same way as before rejection. However, there are a few rejections that have the capability to tear us apart. We need to learn to deal with rejection in such situations where it plays a life-altering decision in your life.

So here are 10 such tips that will help you to deal with several kinds of rejections and make you a better and stronger person in life:

  1. Learn that rejection is just an emotion like various other feelings in life. Bring consciousness to the state of rejection and try to understand its implications with awareness.
  2. People easily start accusing themselves, their ill fate or destiny for rejection. We keep on adding to our troubles when we deal with such negative troubles. It is better that we learn to accept the current situation and look forward to the ways to make it better.
  3. Giving up to negative situations people who are not able to deal with rejection in life often tend to pile up bad habits such as drugs, alcohol, smoking etc. Again, we suggest that bring your consciousness in to picture and realize the negative impact of these habits. Do not succumb to negativity and emerge as a winner.
  4. Remind yourself that you mean the world to some people- your parents, siblings, spouse or children. Live for those who matter everything for you until now!
  5. Help someone and be kind to others to fill up your conscience with love and pride. It raises your self esteem and makes you feel good in difficult situations as well.
  6. Talk to someone about your feelings. It is anytime better to find someone to talk who can understand you in a better way. However, if you do not find anyone such around, talk to a complete stranger somewhere and just discuss your issues. You will be relieved to just let it go off!
  7. Count your blessings and remind yourself of beautiful life you are bestowed with!
  8. Spend time with yourself, do meditation and yoga
  9. Take up some workout routine or change the routine that you have been following to deal with rejection.
  10. Listen to the music that cheers your mood instead of sad and harsh mood music. Positive music creates positive vibes in our mind.